Friday, April 13, 2007

Again with the mid-90s

I have just discovered the music of Jeff Buckley, and I love it. Maybe its a mid-90s phase I'm going through (with this and My So-Called Life), or maybe its just a coincidence.

Jeff died in 1997 at 31 in a freak swimming accident in the Mississippi River.

The brilliance of his music doesn't just lie in his amazing lyrics and guitar work, but especially in his voice. It's unique, and has has a great range.

Now days, most rock singer/song-writers forced into the molds created by their music labels. So they all end up sounding alike. Or, they are forced to keep cranking out singles from the same album. Selling singles brings in money, but real fans tire of it after awhile.

In the relatively short amount of time that Jeff Buckley recording he left a lot of original music. Even so, he will probably best be known for his cover of the song Hallelujah--a song which he undeniable made his own.

I really encourage you to give Jeff Buckley a listen to. Start with the album "Grace" and go from there.

In closing, I leave you with a quote from one of my other mid-90s obsessions of the moment: "Seems like some people have to die young. Like it fits them or something."

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