Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The Most Inappropriate Informercial Ever

I am a aficionado of infomercials. In America, I'd often watch hours back to back. I see them as unintentional satire of consumerism. Maybe this is my great treat for being up watching Maury Povich on Korean TV at 3:30am. Right after an entire episode featuring those paternity tests, was the Most Inappropriate Infomercial Ever.

If you were just glancing at the commercial, you might thing the infomercial was for life insurance--or a long distance telephone ad. There were many video clips of people spending time together and bowing toward one another. Then, they show a procession of black limousines followed by a banquet with servers in traditional garb. I think, oh maybe its for a wedding planning service.

Then, they flash on screen that the product is payable in 120 month installments of W 19,500 (right about $20). That really confused me. I thought, what could people want to buy that they'd pay for ten years. Then, they show a family gathered around a grave.

The infomercial, was for a funeral service! After the video montage, the customary three salesmen appeared on screen (Korean infomercials always feature three people pitching the products standing side by side). Their pitch was punctuated with the dings, and the flashes that would accompany a pitch for a loan service, or floor cleaner, or seafood delivery service. I have to say, that it was easily the most inappropriate infomercials ever.

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  1. haha, this blog made me laugh out loud. 10 year paymet plan? i wish i could have that for, let's say, a computer or a car or something useful like that...


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