Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Metablog Post

I changed the name of the blog from "An American in Gyeongsangnam" to "An American in Geoje." I originally titled my blog before stepping foot in Korea. I didn't understand how large the province is, or how relatively isolated Goeje is from the rest of Korea. Don't get me wrong, Geoje has many connections to the rest of the Korea, just not as many as the mainland. This blog is more about me and my life on the island, as opposed to the province of Gyeongsangnam as a whole.

Second, I signed up for Technorati, the main blog ranking service. I found out that my blog is ranked 875,205th. It seems that the ranking is based solely on how many other blogs link to a particular blog.

I also found that a number of people who I don't even know have linked to my blog. So, I offer up links to their blogs:
  • The Documentarist - another American teaching English in Korea
  • The Offshore Wife - an American moving to South Korea with her family soon
  • Torgo Devil - a "Geek" in Korea. I read his blog daily, and have linked to his blog for months now. He's very funny and offers a good glimpse into life in bigger city in Korea.
Without headlines to make my personal blog famous like Heather "Dooce" Armstrong, or a hot topic like politics or gadgets to bring the readers in, I suppose my blog will be relegated in the upper 800,000s in the rankings. My goal will be for it to hit 800,000th by February 1st!


  1. hi there... thanks for linking to me, at long last... been following your blog for ages... but i just would like to set the record straight, and say what you will, but i'm Canadian... not that i think there's anything wrong with the states, we've been neighbours with my whole life (!) just wanted to point it out... ;)

  2. Sorry Liz. I'm Americentric. I actually have more Canadian friends here than American. At least your friendly about it. I accidentally called a girl Canadian once and she literally stopped talking to me and walked away.

  3. Thanks for the link! Hope things are well in Geoje. We will arrive in Okpo on the 17th. Happy New Year.


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