Sunday, November 19, 2006

The Heat

So the heat is out in my apartment.  Early last week, I noticed that the heater wasn't working.  The heater works from hot water pipes running through the floor of the apartment.  I took a picture of the control panel--that had a flashing red light--and had my co-teacher translate.  Apparently the heater needed water.  So my co-teacher wrote  a note in Korean that I could show the maintenance guy.

Well, a few days passed, and I was unable to reach him before he left his office at six.  I was still okay.  I'm warm-blooded and am comfortable at even lower temperatures--I think the lowest it got in the apartment was just under 60.  Then, Saturday, I woke up to take a shower, and had no hot water.  I tried turning the heater system off and back on, messed with the breakers but with no success.

So, I bathed myself by ferrying pots of boiling water into the bathroom sink where I washed with a wash cloth.  I contacted some of my Korean handlers, but they were unable to get a hold of anyone who could fix the problem.

Tonight, I went to to a Korean bathhouse.  It's just a block from my apartment.  I discussed this previously an entry about my trip to Busan.  this one was much smaller, and didn't have the separate sleeping rooms--as far as I could tell.  I didn't partake in the nude exercising, TV watching, or conversation though.  I went in, took my hot shower, and left.  I really hope I can figure this heater thing out.  My biggest fear:  somehow, I forgot to pay the gas bill.

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