Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Dial 111 if you see a spy...

In America, when I was very young, I learned important saftey tips:
  • Don't talk to strangers
  • when you are on fire, stop, drop and roll.
  • duck and cover during an earthquake
  • if the building is on fire, touch the doorknob before opening a door
  • call 911 for an emergency
Here, the in addition to the basics, there are a few more things taught to little kids:
  • how to spot a spy
  • if you spot a N. Korean spy, call 111
  • call 119 for fire emergencies, or 113 for police emergencies
Yeah, how to spot a spy. If a person turns a N. Korean spy in, they can get up to $100,000. Although from what I hear, hey only usually give out $5,000 per spy. I have yet to see a spy, but wouldn't hesitate to turn one in of course.

Even though I haven't seen one (at least that I know of) it is likely that N. Korean spies would operate on Geoje. While the island is relatively rural, there are two massive shipyards here that easily account for 90% of the ships produced in South Korea. So, if things were to escalate, it is likely there would be sabotage or worse at these shipyards.

I have decided to take the proper precautions. Since it would be impossible for me to pass as a Korean, I have to take extra care: I won't publish my address on the internet, double lock my doors always--and have institute a secret way to see if someone entered while I was away, and try not to visit the same stores. The last is very easily since there are small convenience stores on practically every corner.

You may think I'm paranoid, but I assure you I am not. Koreans are very honest people. I experienced that shortly after I arrived. While waiting for a transferring flight, I went in the bathroom to freshen up. I washed my face and hands and arms--taking my watch off and setting it on the counter. Well, I left if there and didn't realize it until a few minutes before boarding. I ran back only to find it missing. I considered it lost. However, someone had turned it in to the counter and it was waiting for me just before I boarded. The only fear I have when leaving something around is not that someone will steal it, but that they'd turn it in, and I wouldn't know where to claim it!

Accordingly, I'm not overly cautious of my personal property, just a little concerned about those crazy North Koreans.

Oh, and if any North Korean spies are reading this blog, remember I DO have 111 on my speed dial.


  1. Thats wierd and scary to think that you, and were you are living may be target by the north. yeah I watched 007 die another day last night and since a lot of it takes place in North Korea and the DMZ I thought of you. I hope everything is well.


  2. very funny...i actually laughed out loud. i would like to see how you institute a secret method of knowing when people enter your builiding when you are away. those damn north koreans...if only they didn't act like a bunch of little crazy kims...


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