Saturday, October 14, 2006


This weekend, I ditched Geoje again for Busan. I was magnetically drawn to Asia's largest film festival, the Pusan International Film Festival. I took the bus from school to the ferry port, and hoped a ferry here to Pusan. I didn't really have much of a plan. The ferry ride was very bad. My first two during my trip to and from Seoul were pleasant. This was incredibly choppy (I was airborne a couple times).

When I got to the subway station, I made a new friend: a Korean guy who speaks very good English and saw the confused look on my face as I tried to make sense of the Busan subway system. He rode with me until my transfer (he was going my way). Along the way he gave me his phone and told me I could stay at his family's house "if that was okay with me." The offer was nice. I might have to take him up on it in the future.

I watched some Chinese movie with Korean and English subtitles when I came in. Now, I have to wait until 8:00am until tomorrow's tickets go on sale. So, I think I might crash at a DVD bong (a room where you pay $10 to watch a movie and/or sleep in privacy), or a Jimjilbong (a spa-type place with sleeping loungers, showers, hot tubs, and a very low price). Then, it will be up early to get in line.

Pusan International Film Festival

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