Friday, October 13, 2006

The Korean Night

Sec. of State revealed this satellite photo of the Korean penninsula. It shows a startling contrast between the Two Koreas. All electricity goes off at 9pm in North Korea--except for that little speck in Pyanyang were the president lives. Compare that to South Korea. So, the madman to the north has a nuclear weapon, but not enough electicity to power his country at night. Bravo.

I'm in the southwest corner of the penninsula. Find that area with a lot of lights--that is Busan. Then, look southwest until you come to an island--that is Geoje.


  1. this may sound odd, but that is a very beautiful picture of korea and a poignant reminer of how different north and south korea are from each other. it is much like how east and west germany was during the soviet regime. sad state of affairs.


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