Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Small victories

Since I have moved into my apartment a week ago, I have:
  • bought a water boiler. This is necessary since the water out of tap is not safe to drink. However, I am so far refusing to follow the Korean custom and turning my boiling water into green tea (AKA barley tea). That is the way they drink their water, and I am just not having it. The only "barley tea"I drink is beer.
  • bought a cordless iron--which works for approximately 15 seconds before needing to be put back on its base so it may reheat.
  • received my microwave (yay Raman) and computer chair (yay sitting) from the delivery guy on his second attempt.
  • learned to work my "okul."
  • bought some white bread--only $2.40 for a half loaf!
  • learned to use my washer/dryer combination (the same machine does both) and washed my sweat-marinated dirty clothes.
  • had the first opportunity to use my video intercom system--with the guy outside my door telling me I left the keys in the lock.
  • my VOIP up and running so I can make and receive calls from the state.
Now that those are out of the way, I can get to the little things: getting a cell phone, opening a bank account, and learning Korean.

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