Monday, September 18, 2006

My first Korean joke...

Back in February/March of 2005, I was in Odessa, Ukraine and was immersed with Ukrainians. More so than when I spent a whole summer there, I was forced to learn some Russian. Below is an account of my first Russian pun.

I live with a guy who speaks no more than maybe twenty
English words, and cannot make a complete sentence. I am learning
just enough Russian to make puns!!! Yeah!!! I'll teach you one. The
word for "it is going" is idyut (very similar to idiot). Snow is
"sneg." The Russian word for idiot is "dura." So instead of "Sneg
idyut" for "It is snowing," I said, "Sneg dura."
--e-mail to friends, February 2005

Okay, so I'm learning a bit of Korean, and actually made this joke back on Thursday when I learned how to read. Warning, this is a preschool-level joke, so please remember that I am at an infant's speaking level for Korean. The Korean word for "cow" is soo (that is based on the Friel Romanization of Korean). When my co-teacher was helping me review through my workbook, I said "Moo soo" when I came to cow. She laughed and then repeated the phrase. Although the onomatopoeia for cows is the same in American and Korea, I guess they don't usually combine them like we do in America for little kids "moo cow." So, I guess you know some Korean now, and at least one--albeit a bad one--bilingual joke.

Also this weekend, I was rewatching my collection of Arrested Development. I had almost forgot about this storlyine. The mother in the show adopts a Korean boy. He says, "Annyong," which is short for hello. However, they think its his name, so they go around calling him annyong. Quite funny.

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